Canadian Club gets New Image

When it was decided that the Canadian Club Hamilton (CCH) franchise would not be allowed to die from lack of interest or neglect, a core of determined Hamiltonians and members of the Canadian Club of Hamilton rallied together to revive the club. Tim Simmons was elected as their new Chair. All agreed the club needed to be shaken up just a little and brought into the 21st century to become truly sustainable.  New and a younger interest was essential.

Tim recruited Derek Timmerman, new to Hamilton, interested in Hamilton’s Politics and  events but most importantly very experienced in Branding to take on the re-imaging project . Tim knew he could convince Derek not only to work for free but to use his industry connections to maximize the revitalized club’s image. Managing Image production values in all medias was critical.

The Clubs Board Members, together, chose to position the club as progressive, modern and ultra Canadian. A meaning-full logo was also essential. These goals for any new image were determined through meeting discussion, as well as the completion of a semantic-differential questionnaire that identified the look, feel and criteria by which the Club’s image would be chosen.

Nine different Logo/Logotype combinations were developed and reviewed. The Winning image was chosen (as is illustrated) to best represent the Canadian Club Hamilton by communicating: “Canadian within Canada”, diversity, progressive and contemporary , as well as honesty and directness. Other influencing factors were the image was to be reproduction-friendly and inherently flexible to be able to conform to a variety of different restrictive proportions and media.

The Club is now proudly using their new image on all promotional items, club communications and event graphics.